Heights Academy is An ISO Certified Govt. Registered Leading Computer Education and Training Academy in Jalandhar, Punjab Since 2000. Heights Academy itself is all about the journey of reaching to the peak of the height of life from the bottom. This academy born many students who are successful in their fields due to their passion and continuous hard-work under proper guidance of our teaching faculty. Our students are well-maintained and are achieving goal of their life continuously. We believe in optimistic thinking and breakless hard work to achieve the desired goal. From the teaching staff to the management and all the other workers are passionate about their work. Our learning center has all the required facilities that match to the status of our students. We try to make our student comfortable and compatible with our learning ways and environment we provide. We also focus on any suggestion of improvement given to us. We try to remain positive and to balance our goodwill with scoring best in every aspect of education that we provide. Our goal is to polish our students to let them realize that they are diamonds and they should value themselves in their life.