Spoken English is an Art That not only use for conversation but it is a way to show your personality.

Some people think that writing and spoken is slimier but  that is not true, in Writing if you have to learn 2000 words of vocab than you just learn 500 words of an language to speak

Chapter 1.Vocabulary(Fruits,Vegetables,Tools…)

Chapter 2. Salutation

Chapter 3. Use of Is/Am/Are

Chapter 4. Use of Was/Were

Chapter 5. Use of This/That

Chapter 6. Use of These/Those

Chapter 7. Use of Shall be/Wil be

Chapter 8. Use of Has/Have/Had

Chapter 9.Tenses

Present(Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect Continuous)

Past(Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect Continuous)

Future(Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect Continuous)

Chapter 10. Basic English Grammer

                 Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Preposition, Article, Conjunction,     Punctuation…

Chapter 11. Use of(Introductory Words) It/Here/There

Chapter 12.  Use of(interrogative Words) How,Where,Why,Who,which…

Chapter 13.Modal (Can, Could, May, Might, Would …)

Chapter 14.Topics( Time, Instruction/Order, Diet…)

Chapter 15. Proverbs

Chapter 16. Interview skills

                    Interview Question and Answer