Heights Academy has unbreakable foundation of principles Like as:-

Equality – Our academy has deep root of equality. We do not do any type of biasness among our students whether they belong to any religion, caste, colour, state or country. We provide equal Facilities of studies to them.

Freedom and honesty: – Our root is nourished with the Water of freedom and honesty. We provide our students such a environment where they can feel free to ask about their doubts without any hesitation. We believe that HONESTY is a real gold.

Transparency: – This institute hides nothing,each and everything is transparent to others as and when needed. All the details of inflow and outflow and other dealings are transparent to persons involved in the working and to others as and when required.

Consciousness: –we remain alert and aware about the updating in the field of studies and by to upgrade as soon as possible. We are readily aware about the problemleading to our students and try to overcome it.

Intelligence: – The teachers and trainers are well-educated and expert in their fields .They train their students with best possible ways of education.

Overcome of weakness:-To err is human, but who rectify the error is a real being. Our academy is also following this policy and if any weakness is shown to us, we give our best to overcome that problem or issue to ACHIEVE the targeted position.